Reservation of information  


This concept was developed with great care.  However, unforeseen future developments may affect the information presented in this concept.  The unforeseen developments can lead to improvements or worsening of future earnings as well as to capital gains or losses.  Changes in legislation, case law or administrative practice may affect the profitability, availability and value of this equity investment.  The publishers can therefore not guarantee that the economic, tax and other goals associated with the investment will be achieved.  


Reservation of liability  


The profitability data contained in this concept, other information, illustrations, numerical values and development trends shown are based exclusively on forecasts and experiences of the publisher.  Although all information, representations, numerical values and development forecasts provided correspond to the best of our knowledge and belief and are based on current assessments of the economic situation and the sales market, deviations are still possible due to future developments that differ from those assumed, specifically with regard to the calculated and forecast numerical values.


Liability for deviating future economic developments, for changes in the legal basis in the form of laws, decrees and case law cannot be assumed, as experience has shown that these can be subject to change. In particular, no liability can be assumed for the information given in this concept with regard to the tax explanations.


No one is entitled to provide information that deviates from the present concept unless they have been authorized to do so in writing by the publishers.


The content of this participation exposé is decisive for the contractual relationship.


Risk Advice


This offer for participation with profit participation capital, typical silent partnership capital, bond capital and/or subordinated loan capital is not a so-called trustee-safe capital investment, but rather an investment in a company with risks.


Like any entrepreneurial activity, an investment in a company share represents a risk. In principle, therefore, a loss of the capital invested by the investor cannot be ruled out.


The investor should therefore always be able to economically cope with a partial or even total loss from this investment.


No guarantee can be given for the correctness of the information and calculations if printing, calculation and drawing errors have crept in.